Sunday, 14 January 2007

My Vampire Teacher

I found this yesterday in the notebook I was writing ideas down in during the summer. I'd completely forgotten I'd written it. I think I may turn it into an AudioFlea too, with crappy illustrations. If I find the time. I also found a couple of titles I'd come up with that I'd completely forgotten about. One of them may become a series of "animated" adventures. I use the word "animated" in its loosest possible sense, there, of course.

My Vampire Teacher

My teacher is a vampire,
Of that I am most sure.
He keeps his two long pointy teeth
Inside his bottom drawer.

And when my friends are naughty
He makes them stay behind.
He sucks their blood and changes them
Into his vampire kind.

My classmates are all vampires,
I'm the last one to remain.
I know my teacher wants my soul,
Which I'll never let him gain.

I'll keep a string of garlic
Upon me at all times.
I'll smuggle in a crucifix
To stop him in his crimes.

I'll steal my teacher's sunscreen,
Which he needs to go outdoors.
I'll plant a box of wooden stakes
Inside the classroom stores.

I want to tell my parents,
But they won't believe it's true.
They'd tell me, "Don't be silly,
"Your mind's playing tricks on you."

My teacher is a vampire.
He drinks naughty children's blood.
The only way to save myself
Is to only. Ever. Be good.

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