Sunday, 25 February 2007

Greetings Card Auction - In Aid Of The Hoja Project

Hello. How the devil are you? Is that a new hat? It's very dashing.

I have something to sell. And the money goes to charity. Specifically, The Hoja Project - Clicky

As you know, I've been spending far too much of my spare time in the last couple of years producing artwork in the French "Le Stique" style.

I've now reproduced some of these masterpieces by hand as greetings cards, and have put four sets of six cards up for sale on eBay. You can find details of the sets on the auction pages:

Set 1: Clicky
Set 2: Clicky
Set 3: Clicky
Set 4: Clicky

The auctions end just after 11pm on Wednesday 7th March

My motives are thus:

In August of this year I shall be climbing Kilimanjaro raising money for Hoja and to be perfectly honest I thought I'd be more successful at it if I bribed people to sponsor me. So this is my attempt at that.

Despite being a trustee of Hoja, I've not been all that heavily involved in it lately, as I've been rather busy with teaching (and doodling), but it seems to have built up a fair old momentum.

Hoja was set up to help the home village (Mpandangindo) of a very good friend of ours when we were in Tanzania, Oswin. The original idea was to help build a secondary school, but then the Government came along and started to build one anyway.

So we rethought the plan, and carried out research in the village to find out their specific needs. We helped the new school get off the ground by providing much needed books and furniture. We're sponsoring some children through the school, and Hoja have held local community seminars to raise awareness about issues such as HIV/Aids.

Now our big aim is to set up a vocational training centre in the village to give local people skills and trades with which they can earn a living.

If you're not one of the lucky lucky four who bids highest on the cards, you can still go to and donate money. It's a general donation page for Hoja so don't forget to say in the comments that the money's for my trek.

Oh, and if you could forward this on to lots and lots of people, and tell them how ace I am, I'll love you forever. You can use the envelope icon at the end of this post to email it to them. Or just email them the link to this page. Don't worry, I'll find you new friends.

Ta muchly for reading, it's very much appreciated.


The Black Hole

The Black Hole
Was widely feared,
Around it ships
Would turn and steer.

But other holes,
They were not hated.
They were explored,

The Black Hole
Thought in its dolour,
The only reason
Could be its colour.

The Dandy Lions

The Dandy Lions
Are a curious race,
With their timeless style
And finest lace.

Cravats and cufflinks,
A combed back mane,
Tailored waistcoat
And walking cane.

Retractable claws,
Polished as glass.
You couldn't deny
Undeniable class.

I asked them once
How they maintain
Such a clean and
Well kempt mane.

These creatures live
Out in the wild,
Sleep in the dust,
Yet remain styled.

How could they keep
Their suit so bright,
The velvet soft
And shirt so white?

And to their secret
They let me in...


'Tis simply a napkin
Tucked under the chin.

Saturday, 24 February 2007

Fairy Cakes

John and Victoria were a young couple very much in love. They were perfect for each other. They both enjoyed the same type of music, they shared the same favourite flavour of ice cream, and before long, they were married and moved into a beautiful home in the country.

A year later came the birth of their first son, Elliot. He was a veritable bundle of joy, and it seemed like no time at all before he was engaged in all sorts of youthful activities in and around his parents' colourful countryside cottage. He was always playing bridge with his imaginary friends, fishing in the stream at the bottom of the garden, and base jumping from the telegraph pole down the lane.

Then, on his tenth birthday, his Mummy and Daddy threw a party for Elliot and all of his friends. Everyone was there, even his cousins from Little Torrington. After the clown and the contortionist had finished their sets, everybody was given a piece of birthday cake.

Not wanting to wait until everyone had gone, Elliot ate his piece there and then. It was the last piece of cake he'd ever eat, and tragically, he choked to death. At the autopsy, the coroner found a small bone lodged in Elliot's throat. It turned out that the cake had been made from real fairies, and the baking company had failed to de-bone them properly first.

Mr Kipling's reputation for making exceedingly good cakes would never make a full recovery.

Movies They Never Made 62

Friday, 16 February 2007

Boy Racer

Boy Racer
Races without fear
Wheels instead of legs
Handlebars for ears

Tour de France
Was his tour de force
Was where he found fame
(And money of course)


Tragic end
To his victories
Would come descending
In the Pyranees

Breakneck speed
On a course so narrow
Lost him a wheel
Now he's a barrow

Thursday, 8 February 2007

An Interlude To Proceedings

Well, nothing completed for a while, but several things part-written at the moment. Come to think of it, actually, I Movies They Never Made, #62 should actually have been done by now.

I just thought I'd entertain you with my day today. The school where I work was closed today, because of the snow. And this is what I did to pass the time:


Though it wasn't my idea. The Lovely Clare suggested it. I then spent over an hour freezing my little puds off.