Sunday, 25 February 2007

Greetings Card Auction - In Aid Of The Hoja Project

Hello. How the devil are you? Is that a new hat? It's very dashing.

I have something to sell. And the money goes to charity. Specifically, The Hoja Project - Clicky

As you know, I've been spending far too much of my spare time in the last couple of years producing artwork in the French "Le Stique" style.

I've now reproduced some of these masterpieces by hand as greetings cards, and have put four sets of six cards up for sale on eBay. You can find details of the sets on the auction pages:

Set 1: Clicky
Set 2: Clicky
Set 3: Clicky
Set 4: Clicky

The auctions end just after 11pm on Wednesday 7th March

My motives are thus:

In August of this year I shall be climbing Kilimanjaro raising money for Hoja and to be perfectly honest I thought I'd be more successful at it if I bribed people to sponsor me. So this is my attempt at that.

Despite being a trustee of Hoja, I've not been all that heavily involved in it lately, as I've been rather busy with teaching (and doodling), but it seems to have built up a fair old momentum.

Hoja was set up to help the home village (Mpandangindo) of a very good friend of ours when we were in Tanzania, Oswin. The original idea was to help build a secondary school, but then the Government came along and started to build one anyway.

So we rethought the plan, and carried out research in the village to find out their specific needs. We helped the new school get off the ground by providing much needed books and furniture. We're sponsoring some children through the school, and Hoja have held local community seminars to raise awareness about issues such as HIV/Aids.

Now our big aim is to set up a vocational training centre in the village to give local people skills and trades with which they can earn a living.

If you're not one of the lucky lucky four who bids highest on the cards, you can still go to and donate money. It's a general donation page for Hoja so don't forget to say in the comments that the money's for my trek.

Oh, and if you could forward this on to lots and lots of people, and tell them how ace I am, I'll love you forever. You can use the envelope icon at the end of this post to email it to them. Or just email them the link to this page. Don't worry, I'll find you new friends.

Ta muchly for reading, it's very much appreciated.


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