Friday, 10 August 2007

I'm off travelling, but first I have a favour to ask...

I'm going off back to Tanzania for a month in a couple of weeks, so you won't see anything new on here until late September. If you are interested in what I'm up to when I'm there, I'll be updating my blog on TravelFlea.

The other plan I have is to get some postcards printed off and see if anyone's silly enough to spend real money on them. Either most of them or all of them will be Movies They Never Made. Obviously the more designs I get printed to start with, the more expensive it will be, so I'll just print a few different ones to start with.

I've taken the liberty of drawing up a "shortlist" of my particular favourites, and I'd be grateful if you let me know which ones you really like by commenting on here. [Edit: Please make sure you comment on this post, so they're all in one place. I might not count them otherwise. Ta.] So here they are:

Clash Of The Tartans Clicky

Eternal Shoeshine Of The Spotless Mind Clicky

She's All Hat Clicky

Smokey & The Bandaid Clicky

Apocalypse Cow Clicky

The Thyme Machine Clicky

Planet Of The Grapes Clicky

Attack Of The 50 Foot Woman Clicky

Vanilla In The Mist Clicky

I *Heart* Bumblebees Clicky

9 1/2 Sikhs Clicky

The Evil Bread Clicky

Back To The Suture Clicky

Lost In Alsatian Clicky

The Blizzard Of Oz Clicky

Out Off Africa Clicky

Flight Of The Laminator Clicky

Flight Of The Alligator Clicky


  1. I think 'Back the to Suture' is suitably silly to be placed on a postcard and sent to an equally silly person. might need the graphics tightening up a little to fall in line with the newer Flea style.

  2. Yeah, any old style ones will be redrawn by hand. Forgot to mention that.

  3. I like Eternal Shoeshine, Apocalypse Cow, Lost in Alsatian and the Blizzard of Oz. If they were postcards I would very happily send them :)

  4. Blizzard of Oz is my favourite of that batch.

  5. Blizzard of Oz and She's all hat are my favourites