Friday, 21 November 2008

K6 Auction: Open Mic

[Edit, 9 Dec: The picture sold for £75 in the silent auction for Build A School, which is not bad at all - especially as it was bought by a stranger who'd never heard of me - thank you Mandy :-)]

This is the A2 pencil drawing that will be auctioned at Karmageddon on Saturday 6th December for an as-yet unnamed charity. (It may have been named, but I can't find it.)

Karmageddon is the big London Join Me meet, and will inevitable involve lots of free hugging and the like on Regent and Oxford Streets, followed by a trip to the pub, where the auctions and raffle and other such shenanigans will take place.

Last year the bidding got rather silly and my Star Trek Comic made £220, and I'd be very impressed if it was similar again this year (Jase, Jane and Rich, I'm looking at you here...).

K6 Auction: Open Mic

K6 Auction: Open Mic

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