Saturday, 31 January 2009

Sketchbook: Railway Bridge

This is another doodle I did in the Autumn. I'm sure I can make work much better but I still haven't worked out how...

Sketchbook: Railway Bridge

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Thursday, 29 January 2009

Around The Houses by Baron Curfew

Sorry for no update at the weekend - my brother's stag night took preference over artistic pursuits.

I wasn't going to update again until the weekend, but this is quite exciting. In September I agreed to illustrate the cover of my friend Andy's book, Around The Houses. It's a collection of short stories for children, about inanimate objects coming to life in the home...

...(not as scary as it sounds)...

The story I based the cover on is about Kenny the Kettle, who is a brand new kettle out of the box, going through the arduous ordeal of proving himself to his fellow kitchen appliances. It's finally been published.

Here are the covers:

Around The Houses Front Cover Around The Houses Back Cover

And you can buy the book here.

(PS I don't actually get any money for this - I did it as a favour. Just so you know...)

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Camera Boy, Part Two

Camera Boy continues...

Sketchbook: Camera Boy

(Clicky for Part One)


The newspapers all ran the story on their front pages.





The Biscuit Tax, on the other hand,
Much to the politicians delight,
Was relegated out of sight.

Deep inside the papers' pages,
It lingered near stories of heroic cats.
Few people noticed that their favourite snacks
Had come under such political attack.


The boy was sat up in his hospital bed.
He'd been prodded and poked and probed.
He'd been measured and massaged and manhandled.

It truly was a mystery to behold,
A story the like of which had never been told.

There was no explanation.

They tried warming him up
And cooling him down,
Strapping him to a chair
And spinning him round.

They tied string to the camera
And slammed the door,
But all it achieved
Was to make his face sore.

They simply ran dry of ideas for finding a cure,


A light started flashing
On and off,
On and off,
On and off.

"Of course!" cried a young doctor watching over the boy
In the first medical task given to him since he'd qualified.
"Of course!" he cried!
"His memory card is still inside!
Perhaps if we can tease it out and look closely at the pics,
We'll find what caused this freakery and how it can be fixed!"

The young doctor went on to explain that he was something of a photography enthusiast,
He knew that the light indicated the memory card was full, because he'd owned the same type of camera in the past.
He then said some other things about pixels and focal lengths that the more experienced physicians did not understand,
For they had no interest in such technology.
(And why should they?
Their area of expertise was neurology.)

So, with his superiors' permission,
The young doctor made his mission
The finding of the relevant clip
To release the camera's memory chip.

Now, he already knew (having once owned the same model before) that such a clip was to be found on the underside of the camera,
And when he investigated further, found said clip to be located
Perilously close to the boy's nose (and he worried that he would irritate it).

The young doctor raced out the door,
To go consult the consultants once more.
"I do not mean to be a burden," said he to them,
"I know I can be such a bore."

They cried together.
"It is your job to query and opine.
Now please do continue,
We wish to know what's on your mind."

Continued the young doctor,
"The memory card can be removed with ease,
But I'm afraid it's likely that the boy will sneeze."

Said the elder of the two elder doctors,
"I see the problem you expect.
For how are we to know
What unforeseen effects
Such a sneeze may bestow?"

Said the other doctor who was in a more senior position to the young doctor, but who was the elder doctor's younger,
He said.

The meaning of this word, the young doctor did hardly need to ask,
For he knew to set about his task.
The unknown risk was worth the gain
Of finding the cause of this child's pain.



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Monday, 5 January 2009

Sketchbook: Fuel Poverty

Fuel Poverty

This is another one I drew ages ago (on public transport, by the looks of the quality of the artwork), but it seems very appropriate to upload at the moment, seeing as it's so bloody cold.

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