Thursday, 29 January 2009

Around The Houses by Baron Curfew

Sorry for no update at the weekend - my brother's stag night took preference over artistic pursuits.

I wasn't going to update again until the weekend, but this is quite exciting. In September I agreed to illustrate the cover of my friend Andy's book, Around The Houses. It's a collection of short stories for children, about inanimate objects coming to life in the home...

...(not as scary as it sounds)...

The story I based the cover on is about Kenny the Kettle, who is a brand new kettle out of the box, going through the arduous ordeal of proving himself to his fellow kitchen appliances. It's finally been published.

Here are the covers:

Around The Houses Front Cover Around The Houses Back Cover

And you can buy the book here.

(PS I don't actually get any money for this - I did it as a favour. Just so you know...)