Thursday, 5 February 2009

Sketchbook: Post...

A double issue this week, a day or two early. I'm going to try and get to Exeter before the snow does tomorrow for my brother's wedding this weekend, so I'm going with a quick Sketchbook job again (I do have a Movie They Never Made planned...)

Both of these I sketched along the same theme on the way home on the Northern Line yesterday evening.

Sketchbook: Post-Hummus Sketchbook: Posterior

Link of the Day: Alternative Press Fair - I went to this on Sunday and was overwhelmed by the number of different cool zines and comics that were on display. I had to do at least two laps of the club before I could bring myself to touch anything. The production quality of the vast majority of the comics was achingly good. Sadly, I was a bit too tired on this particular occasion to stick around for the open mic evening, but I shall endeavour to next time around (whenever that is).

It's held in St Aloysius Social Centre near Euston but, like I say, I don't really know how often. I hope it's not too long. You can join the Facebook group to stay up to date.

[Edit] Should have just clicked my own link - they're about every six months.

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