Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Sketchbook: Collie Flower

Sketchbook: Collie Flower

This comic is now going to be very sporadic indeed. I've finished my teaching job, and I'm off to Tanzania in five and a half weeks (see top of page), during which time I'll be flitting all over the place.

I have a couple of exciting projects in the works that will take up a lot of my time, so I won't be focusing on this.

I still do have quite a few Sketchbook efforts I'd like to get up here, as and when I find the time.

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  1. He he he! I have a weakness for such simple line cartoons :-)

    Maby you like to upload some of them to the cartoonists community I programmed together with other artists
    www.toonsup.comIts completely free, just driven by artists and very active.
    I know you would find new fans with your cartoons there :-)

    Martin Sander (

  2. Thank you. :-)

    Will have a look.

  3. If you're going to draw that well you should make it anatomically correct and add a giant dog penis and a couple of balls.

    Just saying.

  4. And a car window for it to stick its head out of...?