Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The Logical Spy

He calls Himself The Logical Spy.
Destroyer of Governments.
He alone knows the terrible truth
From the comfort of His armchair.

Lazily He changes channels
His grubby little fingers
Stained with gravy and fags
Stabbing at the faded numbers.

A young child holds a bottle
And young goats suck on the teat
While men in coloured costume
Watch curiously on.

The Logical Spy knows
What Hidden Agenda hides
In this strange circus.
He sees the true purpose.

The Logical Spy sees through
The oversized antenna’d heads.
Jealously He reaches for wispy hairs
That fail to conceal His balding scalp.

They had surely planned
To silence Him with poisons
But He had survived their treason
His flowing locks the only casualty.

His bloated belly boils with rage
At covert conspiracy
And He with great anger attacks
The greasy morsels ’pon it.

The day for speaking out would be another.


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