Sunday, 22 November 2009

Movies They Never Made, #89: Kindergarten Mop

Movies They Never Made, #89: Kindergarten Mop

Two-parter, this one. For the second time ever, I've done two cartoons using the same movie. The next one will be revealed on Tuesday (the eagle-eyed amongst you may be able to guess what it will be).

It's been a while now since this has happened, but I went to the first Zine Friendly event on the 12th, so today's and Tuesdays "Links of the Day" will be based on that. Today, people I met:

Billy, AKA SumoCloud - Does some great pop-art style stuff that he had up on the walls at the event. Also, if you click on his portfolio and scroll down to the Cardboard Gallery, that's worth a giggle. Don't scroll down too far though if you're at work. Anything past "Hypodermic Noodles" is probably very much NSFW.

Jay, AKA Bumpkin Heroes - he draws an evil badger, and various other critters, innit.  And his site is very much worth a browse.

We also doodled all over a cardboard box giant as the evening progressed. And then did this at the end because no one seemed to want to do any open mic.


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