Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Movies They Never Made, #89a: Kindergarten Fop

Movies They Never Made, #89a: Kindergarten Fop

The second take on Kindergarten Cop, after yesterday's comic. And, also, available as a new t-shirt, if anyone fancies it.

I decided to temporarily abandon my commitment to only draw stick men in the MTNM series, in order to achieve a decent fop.  I was also going to draw more children in the picture, but then I couldn't be bothered.

More about the Zine Friendly event, for the "Links of the Day". Here's what I bought:

The excellent and slightly bizarre "Can I Borrow Your Toilet?" from Appalling Nonsense.

Banal Pig Comics, Collected Issues 1-3 - again a good purchase, featuring the disturbing Feeder, who becomes sexually aroused as he tricks his wife into becoming increasingly obese. And other, less unpleasant characters.


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  1. Nice! I'm always up for a comic that plays on English, especially obscure words that guarantee a "hu?h" from some readers but a counterbalancing "ah ha!" from the others.
    Crow from nicky510

  2. Cheers Crow.

    Much appreciated. :-)