Sunday, 3 January 2010


Eat More Fruit!

This is something I came up with for my Dad's birthday card last month. The original idea was actually drawn in one of the blank zines at the Zine Friendly event I went to in November.

I just really liked the idea of a healthy eating campaign maliciously over-feeding fruit to obese children. Not in a "let's do it" kind of way - but it's a very interesting concept.

I'm sure I must have had Roald Dahl in the back of my head though, because this definitely looks like an homage to Mrs Turnbull feeding Bruce Bogtrotter with a giant chocolate cake in Matilda.

Anyway, Happy New Year everyone. Hope 2010's a cracker for you. By which I don't mean you should break lots of bones.

I'm back in London on Wednesday night, so normal EvilFlea service should resume this time next week.

Link of the Day: It only makes money because poor people aren't taught statistics


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