Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Mum White and the Badly Drawn Giant

Last year, in the run up to the annual Good Good Friday Join Me event in Nottingham, the lovely Zena Johnson held some charity auctions, one of which was to star in a story/comic written/drawn by me.  My good friend Jane White (otherwise known as Joinee Mum White) bid highest and I wrote this:

It's about a lady who falls out of her own book into another, and meets a giant with anger management issues. You can click the picture above to read the full book online for free (just click "Preview"), or you can buy a copy. If you buy a copy, £2 (minus PayPal fees) will, as usual, wing their way to the Hoja Project once I receive it.  I'll get nothing.  So if you read it for free and enjoy it, please then buy a copy.  Or make a donation to the Hoja Project afterwards.

If you know me though, I may be ordering a bunch of them to flog at alternative press fairs. They'd cost me about £3.30 each at the moment, and I'll add Hoja's £2 onto that, which makes £5.30 - a bit cheaper than ordering the book on Lulu yourself and paying for delivery.

This year I'll be doing it again, and the Good Good Friday auction will raise money for Mind and the RNLI - once I've written the prize, I'll do the same thing again and keep flogging copies to raise more money for Hoja, if the person who wins lets me.


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