Saturday, 6 November 2010

EvilFlea on Facebook

This post serves two purposes:
  1. To let those who haven't already noticed, know that I've now set up a proper evilflea Facebook page in place of the old group.
  2. To test whether the feed I set up on Hootsuite to automatically post to the Facebook page is actually working.  I can now post direct from Hootsuite, but the automatic posting doesn't seem to be working.  So I've deleted the feed and set it up again, and hopefully it'll work now...
We shall see.  If this post appears on the Facebook page then it works.

For those expecting a comic, try to imagine what a "Skeptic Tank" would look like.  Maybe you'd like to draw it yourself.  Then just hold it in front of the screen just below the evilflea logo.  Hey Presto!  Problem solved!


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