Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The Dinosaur Hunter

The Dinosaur Hunter 

My Mum & Dad have been walking the South West Coast Path, and my Dad told me a story of what happened just before they finished it, when staying at a B&B.  At breakfast a small boy in his underpants and t-shirt, carrying a toy sword, approached them saying he was hunting dinosaurs, and asked if they'd seen any.  My Mum described to him a large dinosaur with purple spines and he replied, "Yes, that's the one.  Do you know where it went?"  

So I couldn't resist writing a poem.  It's taken me ages to iron out various issues with it, but I had a couple of moments of inspiration on my way home tonight.  I'm still not entirely sure it's quite right, however...

The Dinosaur Hunter

I'm looking for a fearsome band
To join my trek to distant lands.
So if you're brave and if you're strong,
Perhaps you'd like to come along?

This ain't no normal expedition,
This suicidal danger mission!
No turning back once we get started,
It's for the brave, not the faint-hearted.

We'll need our swords and shields in hand
For this adventure I've got planned,
Cos adventure's what I'm looking for
And my specialty is DINOSAURS!

I hunted one the other day,
Have you seen it,
I think it came this way?

It isn't very hard to see,
It towers above the tallest trees.
It's big and green with lumpy scales
And purple spines along its tail.

Its eyes are red as traffic lights,
Its cave-like nostrils dark as night.
And when it crouches for a closer peek,
Its fetid breath upon your cheek,
You'll see the scraps of rotten meat
That hang between its tombstone teeth!

And this is when begins the fun,
So long as you know how to run.
Cos if you're nimble, and if you're quick,
If all your moves are smooth and slick,
You're sure to stay out of the harm
Of this dino's stumpy little arms.


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