Friday, 3 December 2010

Foiled Again

I wrote this in a rather silly email conversation with the lovely Laura this evening.  It's a bit like some poems in a book I bought at the Alternative Press Fair on Sunday, which I meant to mention on here but was too disorganised.  (I tend to do that - write a little bit like things I've been reading recently.)  I can't remember his name or the publishing name he uses, because I lent the book to Laura.  I must remember to link to him at some point.


said the chicken.
"Foiled again."
It was tin foil.
Or aluminium.
(I don't know
the difference.)

I didn't
have any
of my own
so I used
my flatmate's.
He probably
won't notice.


Aha!  I have hunted him down.  His website is Drunken Boot Publishing, and he's called Greg ... something.  And here's a little bit of his poetry.  It's ace.


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  1. Just think, if I hadn't made that rubbish joke about tin foil...
    Also, it's Gregory Sodergren.

  2. Yes it is. I actually remembered his surname but I wasn't 100% sure.

    Nice chap. His girlfriend came over when she saw me buy it and made us talk to each other.