Sunday, 26 December 2010

Strong Man

I'm in the grip of a poetry writing frenzy at the moment.  Which is probably why a lot of it isn't very good.  This is a poem dedicated to Geoff Capes.  Please do visit his website, which appears to take some of its inspiration from the Geocities school of design.  And turn your speakers up.

Strong Man

Strong Man is
so very strong.
His arms and legs
are very long.
He shows them off
wearing a thong.
His favourite film
is called King Kong.
And every day
he plays ping pong.
Only a few
words rhyme with strong.

Yes, I'm aware that more words than that rhyme with 'strong'.  Answers on a postcard marked 'CYLINDRICAL FILING SYSTEM'.  (That means you, Jennifer.)

Link of the Day:  Any of the ones above.

Happy Boxing Day.


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