Thursday, 6 January 2011

Career Dog

The other day Laura and I went for a walk in Greenwich Park, and it wasn't long before we saw a dog sniffing round the bottom of a tree.

"Curious dog!" I shouted (as you might expect).

Laura assumed I must have meant there was a dog in the window of the police car that drove past at the same time, because she heard me say, "Career dog!"  So this is my poem about a Career Dog.

Career Dog

You've changed.
You come home after dark
Not a wag nor a bark
and Wordlessly
You eat your supper
that I have prepared for you
My Hands
on the tin opener
My Hands
scraping with the fork
You give not a thought
for little old me.

You've changed.
It's all take take take
Where has this fake
you come from?
We used to have so much fun
You and I.
I know not why
we don't walk in the park anymore
don't throw sticks anymore
play dead anymore.
What's more important
than us?

Also, I have added an illustration to the first part of The Girl Who Went Bing, which was kindly offered by Rosie of Spotty Dog fame.  I love it.  I hope she's going to do more.

Tube picture from here
Dog picture from here

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