Saturday, 29 January 2011

The Girl Who Went Bing, Part Five

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Zena soon arrived at the shop and set excitedly about filling a trolley with the items on the shopping list, which looked like this:
Microwave Cottage Pie
Microwave Lasagna
Microwave Eggs
Microwave Sushi
Microwave Toast
Microwave Chips
Microwave Turnips
Microwave Steamed Pudding
Microwave Treacle Tart
Microwave Ice Cream
Microwave Custard
Zena pushed the trolley all around the shop, picking up the milk and the bread and the lasagna and the custard and all of the other products as she went along.

The man at the till ran the milk over the barcode reader.

"Blip!" said the cash register.

"Bing!" giggled Zena.

The cashier ran through the bread.

"Blip!" said the cash register again.

"Bing!" giggled Zena once more, and the man began to look slightly annoyed. He ran through the potatoes, the cottage pie and the lasagna.

"Blip!" said the cash register each time.

"Bing!" giggled Zena in reply.

"For heaven's sake, child!" shouted the man, slamming the eggs down in his hand. "Will you not keep quiet?!"

Zena felt very small indeed (and was already very small as it was). She had not meant to misbehave, and she had certainly not intended to make anyone so angry.

"Bing," she mumbled by way of apology. She could not help herself. She didn't seem to be able to say anything else. Inside she could feel her stomach tying itself up in knots, expecting the man to lose his rag completely. He didn't. Instead he looked very confused all of a sudden.

Zena quickly paid and left, forgetting her change. She knew her father would not be happy about that and, worse still, how was she going to explain it using just one word?

The sun was out and the birds were singing, however, so by the time she arrived home she had decided that there were worse words to be stuck with.


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