Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Sock Puppets

This year (or should I say last year?) we spent New Year's Eve mostly drinking and making bean burgers and sock puppets.  This was hampered only slightly by the fact that Laura only owns one sewing needle.


Sock Puppets

My name is Zorga
but my friends call me George
I really don't know what
they call me that for.

Perhaps it's because
I have such a big head
or the way that my stripes
include green but not red.

Or the Tesco Wheat Biscuits box
supporting my face;
my internal tubular
ad-hoc neck brace.

Or my singular eye
that only looks down;
my permanent unfortunate
condescending frown.

Or my lip that is sewn
to always stick out;
my cheerful and strangely
unsulking pout.

Perhaps I will find out
the reason in time.
I just hope it allows
this poem to rhyme.

The dribble on Zorga's chin is actually from where I tried to stick a tongue on him with glitter glue.  Laura's sock puppet didn't have a name, but at the same time, paradoxically, it was called Michael.  Or Socksy.  And he can only look up.

The Sock Puppet With No Name

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