Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Tramstop Poetry

I wrote this one on the way home from work last week.  I'd been quite productive over the New Year period and I wanted to keep the momentum going.

Tramstop Poetry

Standing at the tramstop
after dark
trying to think of poems
I might write
about the night

Or some childish adventure,
One as good as the one
my girlfriend
wrote about the denture
(well, dentist actually
but that wouldn't
have rhymed)

While all the time
all I can think of
is how I'm struggling
to think of a poem
to write
and end up juggling
the thoughts in my head
and write a poem
about that instead.

How Terribly Post-Modern Of Me.

Link of the Day: Misconceptions


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  1. This is like Wordsworth, but with one difference - it's crap.

  2. Yes. Yes it is.

    That's kind of the point.

    But very observant of you all the same, Mr/Miss Anonymous.