Saturday, 12 March 2011

The Girl Who Went Bing, Part Ten

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"Bing. Bing-bing," said Zena. She reached out tentatively and held Mr Jamin's index finger with two hands. He shook it gently and lifted her feet off the ground.

"Er, may I come in?" he enquired politely, holding up Zena so he could see her better.

"Er, Bing bing. Bing," replied Zena. The man was a veritable giant, and seemed to be slowly getting bigger. He could have crushed her like a fly, yet she was not scared. There was something very … reassuring about him.

He started to duck his head under the doorway, but then hesitated for a moment. "Er, should I take my shoes off first?"

"Bing-bing bing, bing bing. Bing bing bing."

"In that case, I will," smiled Mr Jamin. "That happened to me just the other week. My ears are still ringing."

He stooped as Zena led him by the finger through the hallway and front room to the kitchen. She wasn't quite sure why she led him there, she just knew that was where he wanted (and needed) to go.

"Ah," he said, kneeling down so that he didn't have to keep stooping. He approached the counter and started inspecting the microwave. "I haven't seen one of these models for a long long time," he said. "No wonder it's so severe."

"Bing!" exclaimed Zena excitedly. "Bing! Bing! Bing!"

She had quite forgotten that this had all started with the microwave, although she didn't know how she could forget such a thing. But, now that she stood in front of it again, she felt deliriously happy, even though she knew it was the cause of the whole episode.

Mr Jamin furrowed his brow and looked quite concerned for a moment. "I'll go and get my tools from the van."

"Bing! Bing-bing? Bing!"

"Yes, that would be lovely. Milk and two sugars please."

To be continued...


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Also, Laura and I have given up moaning for Lent.  Which is nice.


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