Saturday, 5 March 2011


Whoops.  Forgot to upload the next episode of The Girl Who Went Bing before coming to Laura's for the weekend.  Oh well.  Here's a (sort of) poem instead, written on the train at half term.


"Try using sublimation,"
she said.

"Direct your thoughts
and feelings
onto an object.
A piece of fruit.
A nectarine."

"Like dry ice,"
I said,
the poetic
and scientific
of the word.

I wrote in my notebook:

Your cold dry ice for me evaporated
as I watched your carbon dioxide
diffuse into the air.

You're no great loss, I realised.
You're no oxygen.

"Have you ever,"
she asked,
"been seduced
by dry ice?"

I replied.

"Hmm," she mused.
"I still prefer


Link of the Day: This film looks interesting. I *MUST* see this film.


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