Monday, 11 April 2011

Brains to AV #Yes2AV

Yes, I'm going all political for a few weeks (some of the time).  We have the best chance we're likely to get in years to improve our electoral system very very very slightly.  It's almost not worth getting excited about, except if we don't make this small change now, we'll give the main parties an excuse to sweep the issue under the carpet saying the public don't want change.  It's not often we get national referendums in this country - the only other UK-wide referendum was in 1975, on continued European Community membership.

Let's not waste this opportunity.  "Yes" to Fairer Votes on 5 May.

I'll be posting a few comics and graphs over the next couple of weeks based on AV, hopefully explaining why change is needed and why I'm voting yes.  I'll be double-posting everything on here and over on my blog.

Here's my original sketch of the Brains To AV spoof, before I decided to make it look like the official No2AV posters:

Brains To AV

Zombie image came from here.
Blank No2AV template came from here.
And here's my favourite of other people's efforts.


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