Sunday, 2 October 2011


Back in January I painted my first ever canvas.  It was for Laura's birthday (or was it Harold?), and it was the second picture I ever painted for her.  I used the Pip Seymour acrylic paints I bought from Atlantis Art off Brick Lane after I attended a workshop back in November last year.

Colours have always scared me a bit, because I habitually start off with a line drawing.  And if I like the line drawing enough to want to colour it in, then I'll like it enough to be scared of ruining it by trying to colour it in.

Doing a painting onto canvas feels a bit different though - you don't (or *I* don't, anyway) start off with line drawing, and if you balls a bit up you can paint over it again later.

Here it is in progress:

Dragon [in progress] Dragon [in progress 2]

...and here's the finished product:

Laura In The Sky With Dragon
Laura In The Sky With Dragon

I didn't paint again on canvas until after we moved into our lovely flat in August.  Laura's a big fan of frogs so I had a couple of frog-based ideas I thought might be quite nice.  Then Laura and her Dad inspired this idea, which I painted about 3 or 4 weeks ago:

Kissing Frogs
The Princess & The Frog (yes, I am the frog)

It's not perfect and I'm still working out what I can produce, but I'm very pleased with what I've done so far.  I'm currently working on a third painting (not featuring Laura) and then I'm going to do one based on all the foxes who seem to spend all day sunbathing in our back garden:

At some point I'm going to attempt doing a stormy sea - these acrylics are lovely to use and although I'm watering them down quite a lot at the moment to get a smooth finish, they're nice and thick and I'm sure I could get some great textures - if I could just figure out how...

Oh, and I will be making these available (along with some other things) on a print-on-demand greetings card site.


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