Monday, 2 January 2012

Three T-Shirt Designs

I've been going back over a lot of comics and stuff lately converting them into t-shirt designs (and greetings cards), as well as doing some new ones.

So here's a sample of three (and three more to come each time I post until I run out of new ones...):

test "Turncoat" [T-Shirts] [Greetings Cards] [Original Comic]

test "Joseph Starling" [T-Shirts] [Greetings Cards] [Original Comic]

test "He Knows His Onions" [T-Shirts] [Greetings Cards] [Original Comic]

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  1. There was a guy called Joseph Starling in my year at school. He was a lot bigger than me however so I never pointed out the association.

  2. Amazing.

    Maybe you could make friends with him on Facebook and post a link to this on his wall.