Saturday, 25 February 2012

Storytime! "Never Let Me Grow"

Another story that came about from going to my writing group, The Ink Tank.  This time we were taking programme titles from a TV guide and making something else out of them.  In my usual style, I picked a film title and added a couple of letters...


Never Let Me Grow

My name is Sam.  I am four.  I can't remember not being four.  Mummy says that is because of my injections.  I have insulin injections every day because I am a diabetic.  Mummy says the injections make time seem to go slower.  Mummy says other boys my age are still my age.  I don't see other boys now because it's the school holidays.  It's always the school holidays.  Mummy says when I am five I can have a bicycle for my birthday.  She says I can have stabilisers.  Stabilisers will stop my knees from getting bumped.  On my birthday I want a new Daddy.  But Mummy says Daddy is the best Daddy in the whole wide world.  I like Daddy.  But I think he is broken.  Sometimes he goes on and off when I look at him.  When Daddy smiles, it looks wrong.  Like he is pulling silly faces.  I think Daddies cost a lot of money.  I think they cost the same as ten bicycles.


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