Tuesday, 14 February 2012

"What's In The Box?": A Valentine's Day Story

At our writing group, The Ink Tank, on Sunday, we did a writing exercise where we had a few minutes to write a short piece based on the question, "What's in the box?"  This was my effort, which was about a couple, so I can sort of pretend it's a special Valentine's Day Story:


What's In The Box?

"What's in the box?"

"Nothing," said Jerry.

"Oh," said Lucy.  "Okay.  Shall I put the kettle on?"

"Yeah," said Jerry.  "Go on then."  But inside he was wracked with guilt.  He'd lied.  And she'd believed him.  Maybe she knew.  Maybe she'd thought he'd lied because it was a present.  Oh God, should he go out and buy a present for her now?  He couldn't bear the thought of hurting her feelings.  It'd have to be the same size as the box.  Slightly smaller than the box.  But what if she'd believed him?  Oh God, that would be worse.  What if she trusted him so much, and then he bought her a present, out of the blue?  Wouldn't she get suspicious?  No.  Because she trusted him.  Maybe.

Best to buy her something.

To be on the safe side.


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