Friday, 31 August 2012

Dinosaurs With Jetpacks!

A poem! I've done a illustration and recording and EVERYTHING!

Dinosaurs With Jetpacks!

Dinosaurs With Jetpacks

Friends! Welcome to our circus!
We're so pleased that you could join us
for the show that we've
put on for your delight.

So please do not be alarmed.
We're quite sure you won't be harmed
by the monsters that
we're setting loose tonight!

Soon you'll be witnessing a blizzard
of remarkably large lizards,
the like of which
you've never seen before.

Their new style of acrobatics
is so modern and dynamic,
that it's sure to leave
your jaws upon the floor.

We've a Stegosaurus troupe
who perform the loop-da-loop,
and the most skilful
spinning Triceratops around.

And you can't say that you're alive
Til you've seen Tyrannosaurus dive,
and then stop an inch
before he hits the ground.

There's never been a sight
quite like Diplodocus in flight.
It's enough to make
a Pterodactyl blush.

So come! See Velociraptors glide
and take a Pachycephalosaurus ride.
Once your airborne
it's really quite a rush!

So, Ladies and Gentlemen!
Please be upstanding
For your viewing pleasure…


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