Friday, 28 September 2012

Maths T-Shirt: 'Trisect: The Impossible Dream'

Here's another woofing dog t-shirt that I haven't uploaded on here before. Remember bisecting angles using Euclidean geometry at school? (That's when you had to use a pair of compasses and a ruler to divide the angle exactly into two.) Well, it's impossible to TRISECT an angle using the same techniques.

And so I thought I'd design a t-shirt in homage to this fact.


I've very nice.  I own one myself.  I wear it frequently.  Sometimes I sleep in it.

'Trisect: The Impossible Dream' t-shirts and accessories at the Woofing Dog Shop!

test test test

Link of the Day: It is, however, possible to trisect an angle using origami.


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