Monday, 31 December 2012

An Ending

I watched Hugo last night.  It's an absolutely stunning film, the sort that makes me feel inspired to create something after watching it.  Quite often I then can't think of any good ideas, and I thought that might happen last night, but was pleased then to find myself writing this poem.

Feel free to just listen to the recording, or just read it without the audio, or read along with me.



An Ending

Pam looked down at the doll in her hand.
She could feel the sand on her skin.
Sand she could not put back in.
Couldn't begin to know where to start
Cos deep in her heart…

The doll was split, the sand was gone,
All of it on the soggy ground
As the rain came down
And washed it all away.

And before you say…


No, it would not be good enough
To stuff this doll with just any old sand.
This sand was grand.
This sand was magical, it was supernatural.
This sand came from a land far, far away.

This sand came from Sandy Bay
Near Exmouth, circa 1993.

And if she closed her eyes she could see
And when she smelt the sand now on her hand
She could taste the sea.
Feel the wind in her hair
As she flew through the air
Back when it was almost certainly 1993.

Rescuing knights in shining armour in distress,
She was the best damsel of them all,
She stood tall.

And it was this sand which first supported her shoe
When she flew in to storm the beach
And breached the castle walls,
Slaying dragons whilst drinking flagons of ginger ale
Oh! What a tale she had to tell!
She fought with beasts from the burning belly of Hell!

Beasts with six legs and nineteen heads
That shared a single flaming nose!
She singed all her clothes in that particular battle,
Til she soothed the beast with a baby's rattle.

But Pam's Evil Wicked Step-Labrador
Would not be so easily defeated
Because he cheated!
Leaping from one side of the castle to the other in a single bound,
Until, that is, Pam found his only weakness…

His tongue.

…Which, as you know, is exposed when step-labradors
Are incanting curses and enchanting spells,
Which is just as well because
Pam happened to have near her an enchanted stick
And thinking quickly on her feet,
Without missing a beat,
She projected the stick through the air
And the hair on the back of her neck
Stood up as she closed her eyes
And made her wish.

And this is what happened next:

Her Step-Labrador's tongue flexed and flicked
And, involuntarily attracted by the stick,
The tongue acted as a magnet,
Pulling the unwilling creature
Away from the carefully crafted castle feature,
Leaving Pam free to secure the release
Of the Brave and Handsome Sir Daddy
Who, growing pink and wizened,
Had been imprisoned under the castle for over an hour,
And had begun to express a desire
To go home and take a shower.

And it was Sir Daddy who collected up the sand
In his hands and put it in a box
And gave the box three magic knocks
To cast a happy spell to protect his Pam
and keep her well.

And praying to the gods above
He sewed the sand into a doll,
The doll that Pam now holds,
As a token of his love

In what, now she comes to think of it, might have been 1992.


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