Friday, 4 January 2013

The Peacock Of Trust

I wrote this one ages ago, but only just got around to drawing the illustration...

The Peacock Of Trust

The Peacock Of Trust

Once, a peacock made a promise
to be trustworthy and honest,
and it was made to win
his special fancy's heart.

And so he built an institution,
one of financial solutions,
an endeavour quite
successful from the start.

He soon built a reputation
for impressive augmentation
of his customers'
investments in his firm.

He could make their value double,
even triple, or quadruple,
before they'd even reached
their quarter term.

And so investors came a-flocking,
with their savings in their stockings,
to deposit it
in one of his accounts.

And his fancy became lover
to his very own half brother,
blaming work which caused him
always to be out.

Incensed by this arrival
of his relative and rival,
he decided he should
focus on his looks.

And so he shampooed all his feathers,
bought a jacket made of leather
and now he turning heads
wherever that he walks.

But once he'd lost his focus
on financial hocus pocus,
his stocks and shares
collapsed right through the floor.

And so he's stayed quite firmly single,
while his businesses have dwindled,
and now he's filing for
his bankruptcy, what's more.


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