Monday, 25 February 2013

Very Short Mondays: Bonsai

"Oh I simply adore your hair!"

"I know, it's gorgeous, isn't it?"

"I must have your stylist's number."

"Oh, you must, he's simply a treat!  He calls himself a 'Bonsai Barber'.  It's just so terribly witty."

"Like the tree?  Oh how adorable!"

"He specialises in smaller versions of larger hairstyles."

"Oh yes, I see that now.  How clever!"

"He rubs a sort of gel into your scalp - 'hair food', he calls it - and then carefully 'prunes' your style one hair at a time."

"One hair at a time?  How thorough!"

"Took him six and a half hours to do mine.  Not cheap though."

"Oh dear.  What's the damage?"

"Three thousand an hour."

"Golly.  How adventurous!"


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