Monday, 25 March 2013

Very Short Mondays: If It's Nice.

As I write this it is 17th December 2012.  I've written quite a lot of these very short stories and have scheduled one of them to post every Monday starting from a couple of weeks ago.

Today (as in 17th December) I went through my notebook to see if I missed any old ones.  This one is dated 21st November 2011.  The next Monday I'm yet to schedule a post for is 25th March 2013.  You might even be reading this on that day.

I don't think I've looked at it since I wrote it, and it touched a nerve.  I almost shared it straight away with my friends on Facebook, but while I'm happy for it to touch my nerves, I don't want to force it on the nerves of other people involved so soon after recent events.

I think by March it might be alright.  But even now I'm having second thoughts.  I hope it's alright.

Eight days ago, from the day I am writing this, one of my drama school friends passed away, many many years before his time.  

Everyone at drama school was absolutely fantastic, and pulled together to put on an amazing show just a few days later in his memory, and I feel incredibly lucky and proud to be part of such a wonderful company.

So this is for Dylan.  It's kind of sad, but a little cheeky with it.


If It's Nice

I sat staring at the empty page.

The page he'd never write.

The page that followed ten more empty pages.  The page with that day's date at the top of it.

It was Wednesday.

I took his pen and I wrote the following:

"Got an itch in my left toe today.  Coffin too small to bend down and scratch it."

And then:

"Think I might go for a walk later.  If it's nice."

I smiled, put his pen away, and left the room for the last time.


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Monday, 18 March 2013

Very Short Mondays: Another Industrial Revolution

First came the discovery that unborn children begin learning language before they leave the womb.

Before long, midwives and pregnant mothers were developing innovative new ways of explaining complex industrial processes to their progeny-to-be.

And finally came the mineral supplements, compulsorily prescribed on the NHS.

Soon every child was born with a silver spoon in its mouth.

Far from eradicating poverty, however, this new practice had a devastating impact on the value of silver, and on the cutlery industry in particular.

No one felt this more keenly than the four and a half thousand workers who lost their jobs at a plant in Sheffield.


This story came about after a someone I was talking to on Twitter made a tongue-in-cheek comment about some children "choosing" to be born to rich parents.  I took it a few steps further.

Link of the Day: Dirt Poster


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Monday, 11 March 2013

Very Short Mondays: Honk! Said The Goose

"Honk!" said the Goose.


But the Badger wasn't listening.

"For pity's sake, blow your bloody horn!" said the Goose.

But still the Badger wouldn't listen, and ran straight over the Chicken, as it crossed the road.

Sure, he felt a little guilty at the funeral, but it was all worth it, just to see what the Goose would look like in a neck brace.


Link of the Day: Indie Mario


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Monday, 4 March 2013

Very Short Mondays: There Has To Be A Way That Doesn't Cause So Many Sleepless Nights

Deep in the bowels of his castle, the Count marked off the days on his calendar.

"Five!" said he.  "Five nights have I slept not.  Five nights since the transfusion.  Still yearn I not for all this bamboo!  O never did I think that this would be so hard!"

The Count looked in his broken mirror.  Dark hairs had begun to sprout around his eyes, but only barely.

He began to have his doubts that his experiments in species manipulation were the best way to save the pandas and, picking up the telephone, he dialled the number of the zoo to cancel his appointment.


Link of the Day: My friend Vixie - she who gave me inspiration for this story - makes lovely things which you can buy via links on her site at Matin Lapin

If you're interested, it was this photo she linked to on facebook, and the accompanying text that inspired the concept.


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