Monday, 4 March 2013

Very Short Mondays: There Has To Be A Way That Doesn't Cause So Many Sleepless Nights

Deep in the bowels of his castle, the Count marked off the days on his calendar.

"Five!" said he.  "Five nights have I slept not.  Five nights since the transfusion.  Still yearn I not for all this bamboo!  O never did I think that this would be so hard!"

The Count looked in his broken mirror.  Dark hairs had begun to sprout around his eyes, but only barely.

He began to have his doubts that his experiments in species manipulation were the best way to save the pandas and, picking up the telephone, he dialled the number of the zoo to cancel his appointment.


Link of the Day: My friend Vixie - she who gave me inspiration for this story - makes lovely things which you can buy via links on her site at Matin Lapin

If you're interested, it was this photo she linked to on facebook, and the accompanying text that inspired the concept.


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