Monday, 17 June 2013

Very Short Mondays: Scar Tissue

Clarice stood up with some difficulty.  The operation had been a success, she'd been told.  So why did it still hurt?

Synapse memory, Dr Entwistle had said.  It will be gone in a month or two.

She could still feel it inside her.  She touched the crease of her skin with her fingertips.  She touched the place where they had stapled and sewn her back together.  The scar tissue felt hard and uneven, as it always did.

She looked at her niece, Sarah, watching the television, the adoring smile fixed on her face.  On the screen, Dr Entwistle was being sworn into office.  He looked much the same as Clarice remembered him.  Fifteen years' worth of extra grey hair, but otherwise unchanged.


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