Monday, 22 July 2013

Very Short Mondays: The Telephone Call

There she is again, yacking away, acting like she's not enjoying the gossip.  My intention was to be looking at the crossword but instead I'm trying to work out who the bloody hell she's talking to at this hour.  Is it one of her sisters or a work colleague?  Or her mother?  Maybe my mother?

This didn't used to bother me.  But then, I used to overhear her talking about me.  It was all "Georgie this" and "Georgie that" not so long ago.  She'd be crying down the phone to her best mate, over some daft little thing that reminded her of me.

Now it's like I don't exist.

But, it's been three years now, and I guess she's moved on.  I only wish I could do the same.


Link of the Day:  Angry Cats


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