Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Babestation's On Freeview

I wrote this on the bus on the way home from a stand-up comedy gig a couple of months ago, about the idiots who were on the top deck with me.


"Can you get Babestation?"
say the grown-ups on the 134 bus.
"Babestation's on Freeview!"

I sit on the top deck at the front
while they continue to talk,
and I try to think of things to write.

"Why don't you go talk to him?"
say the women to each other.
And I decide to go downstairs.

I stand up and turn for the stairs.
"Aw, Harry Potter's leaving!" says one.
"Bye Harry Potter!" says another.

But not like the Year 8 kids
at my last school, who added,
"It's a compliment, sir.  Harry Potter's cool."

So while the grown-ups get loudly drunk,
I make my way quietly home from
making a roomful of people laugh.


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