Monday, 11 November 2013

Very Short Mondays: The Big Miss

George fell asleep.  He didn't mean to, but...

Well.  He'd been waiting a long time.  Sadly the wait would have to go on.  He missed it.  Again.

It had been eight years since the last one.  He wondered how long it would be until the next.

All he knew was that his superiors were not going to be happy.  If they ever found out, that is.  George certainly wasn't going to tell them.  He didn't even tell them about the last one.

The worry was, however, that if they thought it had never happened, they might pull the funding on the whole project.  But if they ever found out that it had happened and he had missed it - twice - well, then they'd pull him.

And he knew what that meant.

He'd heard about what that meant.  And, well, it wasn't very nice.


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