Friday, 6 December 2013

Slightly Less Short Fridays: The Beginning Of A Long Slippery Slope

Nigel looked on proudly at the new installation at Heathrow Airport.  He thought of all the naysayers and how, when he came to power, people said this couldn't be done.  He'd "only said it because he never thought he'd actually win and have to keep his promises", they'd said.

But here he was, at the top of the new 'Literal Slippery Slope', down which all new immigrants would be directed.  From where he stood, safely harnessed to the rig, he could see where the sloped forked into five chutes, four of which led to the new shark pool under the airport.  The other led to the Border Agency's visa department but, as the set-up was changed at random each day, no one could ever be sure which chute led to safety.

Immigration soon fell dramatically, while local tourism scored a huge boost thanks to the new public aquarium.

Nigel would hold onto power for a full forty years.


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