Friday, 27 December 2013

Slightly Less Short Fridays: A Stumble On The Way To The Supermarket

Simon did not see the wonky paving stone in time.  What he did see, however, was Carla.  Carla was unattainable, but that didn't stop Simon thinking about attaining her.  Not that Simon wanted to "attain" her in any kind of way that implied ownership.  He just wanted to attain and, with any luck, retain her affections.

So he shouted her name across the street and waved.  And just as she looked over was the moment that he stumbled.  Mortified, he didn't take his eyes off her for a moment.  Not even when she burst out laughing.

In hindsight, not taking her eyes off her was just about the worst thing he could do, because he had stumbled directly into the path of a mobility scooter.  And not just any mobility scooter, but one owned by George Rayburn.  George Rayburn's daughter, Tessa, was something of an electronics expert and had only that morning finished modifying George's scooter so that it had a new top speed of twenty miles per hour.

When Simon woke up, a small crowd had gathered around him.  A small crowd that included, notably, neither Carla nor George Rayburn.  The crowd did not included Carla principally because, while she was genuinely mildly concerned for Simon's welfare, she was also late for a hot date with the local dreamboat, Manfred Archer.

George Rayburn, meanwhile, was well aware that he was probably not supposed to be travelling at twenty miles per hour on the pavement, and so did a runner immediately after the accident.

Simon looked up at the sea of concerned faces, who all at once asked him if he was alright, and realised his pockets had been emptied.  His mum was going to kill him when he returned home without the shopping.


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