Monday, 2 December 2013

Very Short Mondays: The Button Wall

Zoë and her parents had reached the end of the tour. Inside the final room, the guide encouraged them to come back the following week to fill in one of the feedback cards.

Zoë looked up at her Mum and Dad, who were listening attentively. Eagerly.

She looked at the wall of buttons. Next to each button was a little pocket containing the cards already filled out by previous visitors. Hundreds of them.

Some had detailed accounts of what the buttons did. Others showed "emotion faces", or complained that nothing had happened.

Two next to each other, both filled out in thick black marker pen, caught Zoë's eye. One said "DO NOT PRESS", while the other simply read "$$$".

Zoë looked back to her parents, and then to the guide, who was still wrapping up the tour. Everyone was engrossed.

Making her movements as small as she could, Zoë slowly swapped the two cards around.


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