Wednesday, 1 January 2014

12:15 On New Year's Day

The night is still, the sky is clear.  Over the houses and down the hill, the town square fireworks can be seen.

People begin to make their way from friends' and relatives' houses to their own.

Revellers start to drift away from the town centre.  First come the ones who are staggering drunkenly, the ones who peaked too soon and spent the last two hours waiting for midnight before allowing themselves to leave.

Taxis begin to fill the roads.

A car approaches a roundabout, stops and pulls back into reverse.  A woman shouts across the road to the driver.  "Did you just dump me?"

He winds his window down, attempts to reason with her.

"Did you just dump me?!"

"Get in the car," he says, quietly.

"Did you just fucking dump me?!"

I suspect that if he hasn't already, then it is only a matter of time.


Happy New Year!  Hope you enjoyed this true story, from a certain seaside town in East Devon.  And that you have a marvellous year.

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