Friday, 3 January 2014

Slightly Less Short Fridays: Trayvon Jones And The Damp Dishcloth Of Despair

Trayvon Jones had long blue hair.  This is not particularly relevant to any part of the story that follows.

Trayvon Jones did not like living in a houseshare.  Mostly he was a clean and tidy person but sometimes he wanted to live like a slob.  He knew, however, that this would be rude and inconsiderate.  So he took exception when one of his housemates did live like a slob, all of the time.

One morning Trayvon Jones came upstairs into the kitchen (the kitchen was, unusually, at the top of the house).  He had a towel wrapped around his long blue hair, because it was still wet.  He couldn't remember when he learnt to do this.

On arriving in the kitchen, he found the dishcloth was on the floor, in front of the sink, in a small grey puddle.  Trayvon Jones sighed, picked up the cold wet dishcloth by pinching it disdainfully between his thumb and forefinger, and took it over to the pedal bin.  Then he dropped it inside.  He let the lid fall shut with a satisfying snap, and picked up the mop.

The mop was bone dry.  It was a little too long since it had last been used.  The dry mop soaked up the soapy grey puddle easily.  Trayvon Jones put the mop away, and adjusted the towel on his head, which had begun to work its way loose.

He opened the cupboard, where the packet of new dishcloths was kept.  To his horror, there were none inside.

Trayvon Jones was left with two choices.

The first choice was not to make breakfast today.

The second choice was to have breakfast, and then to fish the dishcloth from inside of the bin, so that he could attempt to clean his dishes after using them.

A third choice would have been to eat his breakfast and then not to clean his dishes.  But this choice did not count as a choice, because Trayvon Jones did not for a moment consider choosing it.

Trayvon Jones took the first choice.  He went back downstairs to find his hairdryer, and hoped that he had enough change to buy something to eat at the station.


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