Monday, 27 January 2014

Very Short Mondays: The House At The Bottom Of The Hill

The House At The Bottom Of The Hill wished that it was at the top of the hill instead.

It wasn't that it was ungrateful.  It was very pleased to have been built at all.  It sat in a beautiful secluded spot, sheltered from the wind by, but not overshadowed by, a large copse of trees.

The owners of The House At The Bottom Of The Hill were warm and welcoming and The House was never short of visitors.  They even advertised outside The House to walkers that they could pick fruit from the garden and come inside for a cup of tea.

Most of the walkers were either about to climb, or had just finished climbing, the hill.  And all of them, even the ones who hadn't climbed the hill yet, would talk at great length about how good a hill it was, and how beautiful the views from the top (on a good day).  And The House heard every word.


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