Monday, 24 February 2014

Very Short Mondays: The Scarf That Refused To Be Pink

"I can't understand it," said Jeremy.  "I've put it through three times now.  Why won't the dye stick?"

"Leave it, darling," said Emily.  "Let's go home."

"It doesn't make any sense."

"Did it work on all the other scarves?"

"Well, yes, but -"

"Well then it doesn't matter.  Let's go."

"But there has to be a reason."

"Which you don't have to know.  I'll leave your dinner in the oven."

And that was where Jeremy's dinner stayed, until the following morning, when Emily realised he never made it home from work that night.


Ooh, what happened to Jeremy?  Answers on a postcard.  Good luck finding the postcard, I've hidden it well.

Link of the Day: There Wolf


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