Monday, 10 March 2014

Very Short Mondays: The Bridge

"I love you."


James looked away.  He made a show of looking into the crowd for his escorts.  It wouldn't be long now.

"What number are you?"  Hasra reached out, let her fingers rest on his coat sleeve.

"Can't remember."

"Sorry.  I want to say it.  It's just confusing."

"I know."

And then he saw them.  Armbands with '83' printed on them.  And they were coming for him.

"Remember," said Hasra, "it's a gift.  It's a wonderful opportunity.  You'll be happy there."

"Yeah."  James faked a smile.  "And you can't be too far down the list."

"Don't be silly.  Look at this face.  I'm not even on the list."

And then the hands slid under James' arms, and slowly guided him away.  There was no struggle (there was never any struggle) but James' and Hasra's eyes stayed locked until the crowd swelled into the space between them.

And he was taken across The Bridge.


What's across The Bridge, I wonder...

Link of the Day: Stockholm Library


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