Monday, 3 March 2014

Very Short Mondays: The First Page

The first story I've written in my new notebook.  I thought I'd give it an appropriate title.


The First Page

Clarissa sat down with a fresh pot of coffee, a blanket, and her new book.  She turned to the first page.

It was blank.

She flicked to the second, then the third, then all the pages right the way through the book.  Blank.  All of them blank.

She began to panic.  This wasn't a book she'd ordered blind on the Internet.  She'd taken a special trip to her local independent bookseller for this.  Her local independent bookseller on the very last day of their closing down sale.

And when she'd been in the bookshop, when she'd paid for the book, when she'd handed over her money, there had been words on the page.

She didn't know what to do.  Except, maybe, contact the author.


What could possibly have happened to all the words?  Spooky...

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