Monday, 14 April 2014

Very Short Mondays: The Charge

Leeson checked his phone.  It was low on charge already.  He wondered whether the battery was leaking an unusual amount of juice, and opened his IDSC app to check.

According to the app, his phone was behaving normally, but he wasn't receiving any power from his Partner.  He sighed.  He'd have to register for a new one.  Again.  Last time it took three days to find a match, and it seemed to be getting longer every time.

It was ten years since the discovery that, as batteries get older, they leak their charge more quickly across inter-dimensional space.  It was three years since the first pairing schemes were trialled to link phones in different dimensions and recover as much of this lost power as possible.

Leeson wondered how long it would be before they developed the technology to the point where it reliably worked.


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